When inspiration hits, roll with the punch and take it to lunch!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Meandering Muse

Here it is, the middle of summer. Not surprisingly, my muse has taken a leave a absence. Again. No need for search warrants. No need for panic. I’m certain he’ll return. He always does, eventually. In the meantime it’s fun to ponder the possibilities of his whereabouts. For example, perhaps he’s on an extravagant vacation, enjoying a beautiful beach and gathering fresh ideas as he sifts through the sand. Or maybe he’s inspiring another writer, weaving the web of an intricate composition that will evolve into a best seller. Then again, he could be alone sorting through a current set of concepts, deciding which are treasures and which are trash. Another likelihood, he’s found a like minded muse with which to wander. Now that would be nice, especially if he brings his friend home to help! One thing is certain, whatever he’s up to, the end result will be worth the wait. So carry on my meandering muse!

Do you have a meandering muse? What do you do when yours is away?


  1. I hope he is on a beautiful beach off of a blue ocean soaking up the sun watching and listening to the people for good dialogue inspiration.

  2. I'm with you, Lisa! Mine is currently MIA, but I just wait it out patiently. If it doesn't flow naturally, it's painful for me. Go with it! :)

    Hope your muse turns up soon!